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Is this the end of free apps from Apple and Google?

Free mobile apps will disappear very soon – says Igor Esipovich, Head of Mobile Development at Artezio, PO of Cost Track project. Based on the latest trends and the changes in mobile development world, he makes a conclusion that in no time free and freemium apps will be replaced with monthly subscription apps. That is why today more and more developers choose subscription model when they create new mobile apps.

How We Built an Uber-App with React Native and JavaScript

Many companies today aim at creating software solutions that can run on all mobile platforms and PCs at the same time. And this is particularly important when developers build an app that motivates people to use it in any situation and any place.

What We Created:

Case Study. A Mobile Client for an Information System

A new case study about the development of a mobile client for an information system is available on our website.

The main challenge for the team was to create an Android mobile client for the system that contained information on estate.

The app allows users to categorize property based on its type: an apartment, country real estate, and commercial property. It is also possible to view all objects on the map, scan estate in the target area, and add new property listings.

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