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Company News / Oct 4, 2017

Meet Artezio at the Largest ICT Exhibition in the Middle East

Artezio is among the exhibitors at GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), a prestigious trade show that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 8-12 October 2017. It is an annual event held with the support of the UAE government that features the best developments in the field of IoT, smart cities, telecommunication, AR and VR.
Alex Arting
Company News / Oct 4, 2017

Artezio Takes Part in the Key Technological Conferences in the US

Artezio attended the Business of Software Conference and Accountex USA, the major technological events in the US market.
Alex Arting
Company News / Sep 22, 2017

Artezio successfully passes ISO surveillance audit

On September 5, 2017, Artezio once again successfully passed the ISO 9001:2015 audit. The current version of the standard is developed in compliance with a guideline that establishes a new single procedure for the structure of management systems. The updated standard is traditionally considered more agile and risk-oriented.
Alex Arting
Company News / Sep 22, 2017

You Can Now Use Siri to Manage Personal Finances

Artezio developers present an updated version of the mobile app Cost Track; the app supports the new features of IOS 11 as well as data input with the help of Siri, the personal voice assistant by Apple. A major update of Cost Track increases the app usability and supports the iOS 11 innovations. In the iPad version, Artezio engineers added the Drag'n'drop function for iOS 11.
Alex Arting
Company News / Sep 11, 2017

Artezio Invites CodingFest Winners to Take Part in Internship Program

The winners of CodingFest, an event for software developers, will undertake an internship at Artezio. Based on the professional competition, the top software engineers were awarded with personal certificates that offered them a working and training opportunity at Artezio.
Alex Arting
Company News / Jul 31, 2017

Artezio along with Microsoft, Cisco, and Uber Took Part in Digital Summit

Taking part in major industry-specific events allows Artezio to share expertise with leading developers, clearly define the current industrial trends, and interact with customers. Today Artezio portfolio includes multiple projects that are developed based on the innovative technologies and advanced knowledge.
Alex Arting
Company News / Jun 22, 2017

Artezio To Hold Meetings With Digital Summit Denver Attendees

Digital Summit is an annual event that is held with the support of the world’s leading companies including Facebook, Cisco, Salesforce, Dell, Amazon, and Ebay. The conference is a platform for professionals to highlight recent digital developments within their industries. Digital Summit Denver will take place June 27-28, 2017.
Alex Arting
Company News / Jun 8, 2017

Pavel Ermachenko, Artezio, “The Internet of Things: New Opportunities Expose New Vulnerabilities”

Experts predict that in the near future significant IoT projects will be implemented in large cities of Eastern Europe and will focus on the use of smart systems and sensors for city infrastructure management. Smart cities are expected to appear in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The projects on building such cities are already undergoing the government expert review, and they include not only automation of the traffic, power, and video management systems but also deployment of sensor systems that will allow saving energy resources.
Alex Arting
Company News / Jun 7, 2017

Artezio to Participate in Boston TechJam 2017

Boston TechJam is an annual technology event that brings together over 7,000 developers, software product companies, and IT specialists. 3 senior Artezio representatives will join the event to network, consult and demonstrate some of the latest trends and innovations in software, including automation solutions for finance, insurance, and healthcare. Artezio engineers will also share their experience in the development of complex high-load information, shared-economy, and “uber-like” systems.
Alex Arting
Company News / May 19, 2017

Artezio Cost Track App now provides integration with banks around the world

Artezio has released an updated version of Cost Track mobile application. Now it allows transferring data from the banks around the world. Users can import data from any bank without any limits as to the number of accounts or payment cards used. Starting from version 3.2, Cost Track allows easily importing financial data (in CSV format) from the remote banking systems (online banking), other apps and data sources. The program can effectively analyze user’s income and expenses data and it works with reliable bank information.
Alex Arting
Company News / May 11, 2017

Artezio and Facebook to Develop Long-Term Partnership

Artezio and Facebook are assessing the prospects for collaboration on long-term partner projects. In a meeting with Claudia Fernandes, Facebook Business Development Manager, Artezio representatives discussed the company’s participation in special initiatives introduced by the social network and programs for the leading developers.
Alex Arting
Company News / May 5, 2017

Artezio Participates in Discussions on the Future of Unmanned Aircraft

Artezio representatives took part in the round-table discussions on the development of drone aircraft. The key topic for the experts’ meeting was wide use of air drones and creation of program platforms for effective collecting and processing of research data. Public organizations took the lead in discussing the issues of adopting unmanned devices.
Alex Arting
Company News / May 4, 2017

Artezio Develops an Uber-System for Saving Pets

Artezio has designed Friendly Citizens, a unique app for saving pets based on uber-technologies. The software solution is built for iOS and Android mobile devices and allows coordinating the efforts of many people to help stray and lost pets.
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 27, 2017

Artezio Visits ConhIT 2017 in Berlin

ConhIT is a unique event that combines all available forms of information exchange between software developers, analytics, and medical experts. The forum is both a platform for speeches and presentations of scientists, software engineers, and healthcare practitioners as well as an academy and exhibition of the latest advances in the field of medical information technologies.
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 17, 2017

Artezio Representatives Hold Consultations with Medical Experts in the USA

Artezio took part in the 25th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine that concluded in the USA. The professional medical forum became a perfect platform to discuss the recent advances and technological solutions in the sphere of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetology that can help people prevent age-related health problems.
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 10, 2017

American Analysts Name Top Belarusian Software and Web Development Companies

Artezio is among the leading Belarusian software development companies according to Clutch, a B2B research firm based in Washington, DC. In addition to Artezio, the new Top-10 list includes Itransition, Qulix Systems, SumatoSoft, and other large companies on the market. Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch, notes that tech suppliers in Belarus offering high-quality services benefit from the well-designed country educational policies and economic development strategies.
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 3, 2017

Meet Artezio at the 25th A4M Annual Spring Conference

Artezio will be attending the prestigious Annual Spring Conference on anti-aging conducted by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicines (A4M). The event that gathers thousands of medical experts, doctors, and top managers of service companies is taking place this week, April 5-8, in Hollywood, Florida. Participation in the medical congress is an ideal chance for Artezio to show its expertise to the key audience in the field of healthcare solutions.
Alex Arting
Company News / Mar 20, 2017

Artezio Becomes an Official Partner of

Artezio has concluded a partnership agreement with Salesforce - a world leader on the cloud CRM systems market. Collaboration with Salesforce opens up access to innovative Salesforce solutions, gives an opportunity to use leading-edge technologies and the Salesforce platform to create and boost business. To realize projects based on the Salesforce platform, Artezio has a pool of highly qualified developers including certified experts.
Alex Arting
Company News / Mar 10, 2017

Cost Track New Version Released

A new version of Cost Track – a mobile iOS application for tracking personal income and expenses – is available in the App Store. Improvements in the new version include the possibility to create repeating transactions for Income and Expenses and small fixes to enhance the overall experience of the app.
Alex Arting
Company News / Mar 2, 2017

Artezio at the HIMSS17 Conference

The 2017 HIMSS Conference is one of the largest worldwide healthcare IT events held in February in Orlando, FL. Artezio representatives took this opportunity to meet more than 40,000 business professionals, share experience in healthcare technology solutions, and gain insights on the industry trends during 300 sessions.
Alex Arting
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