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Company News / May 4, 2017

Artezio Develops an Uber-System for Saving Pets

Artezio has designed Friendly Citizens, a unique app for saving pets based on uber-technologies. The software solution is built for iOS and Android mobile devices and allows coordinating the efforts of many people to help stray and lost pets.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / May 3, 2017

Useful Tips for Developers: How to Choose a Technological Framework for Machine Learning

Today adoption of machine learning technologies has become the key development trend for software companies. The use of AI determines product competitiveness on the global IT market. However, engineers who are just at the start of AI developments come across a great variety of questions concerning the choice of basic algorithmic approaches to problem solving. In this article, I’d like to describe the main features and use cases of AI in software development. Problems and Solutions
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 27, 2017

Artezio Visits ConhIT 2017 in Berlin

ConhIT is a unique event that combines all available forms of information exchange between software developers, analytics, and medical experts. The forum is both a platform for speeches and presentations of scientists, software engineers, and healthcare practitioners as well as an academy and exhibition of the latest advances in the field of medical information technologies.
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 17, 2017

Artezio Representatives Hold Consultations with Medical Experts in the USA

Artezio took part in the 25th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine that concluded in the USA. The professional medical forum became a perfect platform to discuss the recent advances and technological solutions in the sphere of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetology that can help people prevent age-related health problems.
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 10, 2017

American Analysts Name Top Belarusian Software and Web Development Companies

Artezio is among the leading Belarusian software development companies according to Clutch, a B2B research firm based in Washington, DC. In addition to Artezio, the new Top-10 list includes Itransition, Qulix Systems, SumatoSoft, and other large companies on the market. Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch, notes that tech suppliers in Belarus offering high-quality services benefit from the well-designed country educational policies and economic development strategies.
Alex Arting
Company News / Apr 3, 2017

Meet Artezio at the 25th A4M Annual Spring Conference

Artezio will be attending the prestigious Annual Spring Conference on anti-aging conducted by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicines (A4M). The event that gathers thousands of medical experts, doctors, and top managers of service companies is taking place this week, April 5-8, in Hollywood, Florida. Participation in the medical congress is an ideal chance for Artezio to show its expertise to the key audience in the field of healthcare solutions.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / Mar 24, 2017

Testing Artificial Intelligence: from Games to Industrial Apps

Publications on developments in machine learning usually describe not only operating processes of a neural network or an algorithm but also the basis of AI training. Generally, publicly available datasets recognized by the community are used for training purposes. However, it would be interesting to assess how effectively a system can be trained to the required quality level in another target system that a reader, for example, would like to develop.
Alex Arting
Company News / Mar 20, 2017

Artezio Becomes an Official Partner of

Artezio has concluded a partnership agreement with Salesforce - a world leader on the cloud CRM systems market. Collaboration with Salesforce opens up access to innovative Salesforce solutions, gives an opportunity to use leading-edge technologies and the Salesforce platform to create and boost business. To realize projects based on the Salesforce platform, Artezio has a pool of highly qualified developers including certified experts.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / Mar 16, 2017

Standardization and Big Data

The emergence of standards in any technical field shows that the time of unique start-up solutions is coming to an end. Today these solutions are gradually being replaced by an industrial approach. New players are stepping in, they are not eager to take part in terminology controversy, but they would like to build rapport with partners and open their business to new consumers with whom they can speak a common language.
Alex Arting
Company News / Mar 10, 2017

Cost Track New Version Released

A new version of Cost Track – a mobile iOS application for tracking personal income and expenses – is available in the App Store. Improvements in the new version include the possibility to create repeating transactions for Income and Expenses and small fixes to enhance the overall experience of the app.
Alex Arting
Company News / Mar 2, 2017

Artezio at the HIMSS17 Conference

The 2017 HIMSS Conference is one of the largest worldwide healthcare IT events held in February in Orlando, FL. Artezio representatives took this opportunity to meet more than 40,000 business professionals, share experience in healthcare technology solutions, and gain insights on the industry trends during 300 sessions.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / Feb 20, 2017

BYOD and Business Mobility: Top Common Misconceptions

Business mobility is a wide term that covers a large range of questions starting from interactions with clients to arranging employees’ remote work. In this article, we will consider such aspect of corporate mobility as implementing a BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device) in terms of increasing enterprise operational efficiency. Many companies have already adopted BYOD which assumes that employees use their own devices and technology solutions at their workplace. However, the attitude to this issue varies.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / Feb 15, 2017

Artezio Adopts WebGL to Create 3D Graphics

Artezio engineers take advantage of 3D development with WebGL, a software library for rendering interactive 3D graphics. As a 3D visualization service, WebGL allows developers to create high-performance websites and implement real-time 3D models right into the browser. It is possible to rotate, shift, and scale a 3D model with a cursor. WebGL is compatible with all modern web browsers and mobile platforms.
Alex Arting
Company News / Feb 15, 2017

Artezio Top Managers Attended the Android Developers Conference 2016 in Boston

The Android Developers Conference (AnDevCon) is the technical conference for professional software developers and engineers building Android apps. The event gathers over 1100 attendees from the US and other 29 countries. AnDevCon is a key meeting for developers, ISVs and mobile experts who build, integrate, and sell android apps.
Alex Arting
Company News / Feb 15, 2017

What Should Software Engineers Know about Big Data?

In our today’s blog, we are going to discuss the Big Data phenomenon from the viewpoint of software engineers and their top managers who face a choice: to develop competencies in Big Data and some other state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning, and, thus, offer company services in this field; or not to rush and continue improving those skills that one succeeds in and that sell well. Whatever the answer to this question is, let’s try to figure out what is beyond the term “Big Data”.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / Feb 15, 2017

Artezio among Top Software Testing Firms according to Clutch Rating

Today Clutch has published an updated report on top software testing firms. The research leverages the proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology, which maps each firm's focus on software testing against their ability to deliver reliable and high-quality results to their clients. The report includes eighteen companies, eight of them are qualified as leaders, and the next ten are referred to as top contenders.
Alex Arting
Company News / Jan 22, 2017

Artezio Representative Visits ATIA 2017

Artezio supports not only purely technical initiatives, but also takes special part in endeavors that may improve quality of living. This is why when we decide on the events to visit or participate in, technology is not always the key factor. Sometimes it's how our technology can help change the world.
Alex Arting
Company News / Jan 13, 2017

Artezio Attends ATD TechKnowledge

Artezio representative visited the ATD TechKnowledge show dedicated to e-learning in Las Vegas on January, 11-12. During the conference, the attendees focused on the modern learning and training technologies; the topics of design, strategy and management were also covered within the keynote sessions.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / Dec 15, 2016

GigaSpaces: Basic Concepts

Suppose you have an app with a standard architecture of the following type “UI+web service+database”, and you would like to scale it. In this case, a number of problems may arise, such as high database load, no synchronization between instances, etc. To solve these issues, the In-memory-data-grid (IMDG) technology can be used. IMDG is a cluster key-value store designed for high-load projects that have large data sets and strict requirements for scalability, speed, and reliability.
Alex Arting
Team Blog / Dec 8, 2016

9 Reasons to Order Software Development Services in Belarus

Today almost any company facing a need to create a software solution considers the ideа of attracting remote teams for development. As far as each business strives to minimize its expenditures and at the same time maintain high quality, it makes sense to turn to software vendors from Asia and Eastern Europe: India, Brazil, China, Poland, Russia, and Belarus. These days executives from the US and Western Europe often tend to choose developers from Belarus. Why should companies pay attention to Belarusian developers?
Alex Arting
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