EHR For a Large City

Comprehensive medical information and analytical system covering all levels of healthcare organizations and services


The customer addressed Artezio for taking part in a massive project aimed to make free medical services more available and convenient for patients. The goal was to make medical information more accessible for both doctors and patients saving time on paperwork, scheduling, and in gathering the initial data.


The solution covers all aspects of patient flow management, integrates the outpatient cards, and offers the tools to personalize medical help. The system consolidates information about the availability of different healthcare institutions and specific doctors; this data is shown online on-demand. This provides an opportunity to run medical registers and effectively organize health care for individuals with specific diseases.

The system unites all the clinical centers and hospitals in one place providing information about specialists and medical appliances for scheduling an appointment. Besides, the platform covers EMR and electronic document workflow.
The system is based on the standards of personal data security and guarantees its safety. Personal data is stored only during the required time for the appointment.

EHR system delivers a feature of patient routing. Based on the doctor’s workload it advises several variants of appointment to provide an equal amount of work for doctors and decrease the time and resources needed for delivering medical service.

The system is integrated with larger portals delivering an ability to schedule an appointment and get information on medical organizations or planned medical check-ups on other related portals.


The solution has modular architecture; this allows creating independent modules on separate servers that interact with each other using algorithms. Also, when one module does not respond, the whole system stays active without system breakdown.

Modules of The System

The solution has modular architecture; this allows creating independent modules on separate servers which interact:

Business Intelligence Usage

The implementation of business intelligence and Cloud technologies allows to create comprehensive dynamic dashboards to manage patients' appointments and doctor's workload.


Artezio offered its expertise in the healthcare sector to develop an information and analytical medical platform for scheduling appointments and health records management. Modular architecture allows easier services customization and aggregation of information from various sources. As a result, EHR platform provides scheduling appointments and home visits online and manages prescriptions and workload of doctors by patient routing feature. All the data is structured with the help of customized and convenient dashboards for effective decision making and solving organizational issues.







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