Loan Origination And Servicing Software

Digitalize your business with the help of innovating fintech solutions. Artezio offers its industry-proven expertise in the finance and banking industry to deliver you a robust digital solution that will handle your important business processes.

Artezio provides end-to-end loan monitoring software to deal with loan origination and servicing in commercial, syndicated, consumer, and mortgage lending.

We create market-proven loan collection software to automate accounting and management processes for overdue payments to help you keep track of all crucial data.

Our team offers comprehensive digital software that covers all the steps of loan origination from collecting necessary personal information to creating a client profile and synchronizing.

With the help of loan management software, you will be able to organize your internal business processes and optimize workflows to transit to digital finance service.

Loan Servicing Systems

Introducing a loan servicing system will help you prepare necessary documentation and manage loans and let you focus on acquiring new clients instead of dealing with routine operations.

Loan Decision Support Software

Result in faster decision making thanks to keeping everyone on the same page. Loan decision support software is empowered with instant notification systems for stakeholders according to your internal business processes.

Loan Origination Systems

Replace manual operations with a cutting-edge digital solution that will help you deal with loan application creation and risk management to reduce the time needed for closing a deal and to enhance the customer experience.

Loan Settlement Software

With an in-built CRM system and fee calculator, you will be able to handle everything from managing clients and processing applications to expense and income reporting, transaction management, and growing your revenue.


Automation is the key to faster decisions and optimized operations. Loan management systems are to enhance manual operations such as client management, risk assessment, and application processing. Besides, introducing a digital system results in higher employee satisfaction and improved customer loyalty. Among the others, you can find:
  • Saved operational costs thanks to implementing an all-in-one single solution that will handle all the important tasks;
  • Fewer errors while working with sensitive data thanks to automated processes;
  • Less time needed for application processing as all the data is stored in one place;
  • Faster decision making thanks to customized decision chains and managed user roles;
  • Higher customer loyalty thanks to an improved level of service provided;
  • Ensured security and solution scalability.
Artezio is ready to follow you on the way to digitalizing your financial business and create a task-oriented solution that will move your business to the next level.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions so we treat every project in a unique way. Whether you are a bank, insurance organization, or a loan servicing company, we are here to provide you with custom loan management software. It will help you acquire new customers thanks to reduced time and resources. Moreover, loan management systems will help you focus on improving the level of financial service provided. They will open new horizons for business development. With the help of loan servicing software, you can handle a loan approval process from start to finish. The system can be easily integrated with your existing company’s infrastructure such as client and document databases. This will help create a unified environment with all needed information: client personal data, transaction details, loan life cycle, etc. Custom loan management software provides data-based reports that will give you a comprehensive picture of the market situation. With its help, you can figure out the weak points of your business and enhance them. If you are still hesitating about implementing a loan management system, we offer our IT consulting service. We will answer all your questions, assess risks and benefits, and lead you through the way to FinTech.


Throughout 20 years of Artezio's operation, we had a chance to cooperate with leading companies in the industry such as banks and mortgage companies, financial institutions, and insurance companies. According to Loan Global Forecast and Analysis 2019-2023 on Servicing Software Market by Deployment and Geography, the global loan software market is to grow at CAGR of 12% with USD 446.54 million during 2020-2023. To keep on track, it’s crucial for financial companies to consider introducing loan management software. Our team is ready to provide its industry-proven knowledge and experience to advise you on the most efficient solution. We will become your partner and will follow you on each stage of a software development life cycle. Artezio delivers comprehensive market analysis and dives into your business infrastructure to find out the processes that can be optimized. Thanks to close collaboration with industry specialists, we figured out business challenges and develop all-in-one systems that address them. We offer our after-development maintenance service and are ready to scale your application with any necessary features that you would like to implement in your system.







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