Online Customer Acquisition to Payroll Projects


To automate a system for payroll projects processing, accelerate processes related to communication with potential clients, reduce waiting time for processing legal documents and salary cards. This should simplify complicated agreement procedures. In this project, it was essential to take into account the bank’s strict security requirements for solution integration.


The Customer asked Artezio to create a client’s web account where organizations will be able to leave personalized requests for concluding payment services agreements.

Artezio team developed the system functionality for processing payroll projects requests from individual clients on the bank’s website.

Clients’ web accounts were created, the main mechanisms for data transfer and coordination between the bank and clients were finalized. Artezio also worked on the user experience to increase clients’ loyalty to the bank.

The development process followed all the standards to comply with the bank’s requirement for using single architecture and a set of DevOps practices.


    Automation of internal processes, the bank’s development by accelerating and improving the quality of business services aimed at attracting new clients to payroll projects.

    There is no need for clients to personally visit the bank, as they can complete the company details in their web accounts.

    All data is automatically transferred to the bank, and bank employees prepare the required documents and deliver them together with salary cards to the company.

    The system is secure and it completely automates the complicated process making it simple and smooth.

    All the goals were reached within the time limit set by the Customer.