Development of New Components of Travel Platform


The customer set tasks to develop new components for data collection and processing, improve the existing ones, and optimize development processes.


The project consisteted of the following subprojects

  • The Coverage project – to work on increasing the number of airlines available with the airline ticket search service. The desired result at project start: to provide the coverage of 80% of the total number of the existing airlines.

  • The Business As Usual project – to work on interaction modules with airlines and other OTA-partners. The goal: to integrate new partners and facilitate interaction with existing ones.

  • Goal Sessions – to tackle business process optimization in the Data Acquisition unit (at least 15% of all customer's engineers). The goal: to reduce a task’s lifecycle by 90%.

  • The Automated Price Accuracy project – to automate accurate price comparison on the Skyscanner website, third-party airline websites and OTA. The goal: to provide the accuracy of a price deviation within $10 in 95% of cases.

  • The Car Hire project – to develop and support data collection and processing modules on car hire offers. The goal: to provide the maximum coverage of car hire agencies.

  • The Hotels project – to develop and support data collection and processing modules on hotel reservation offers. The goal: to provide the maximum choice of hotels among existing offers.

Artezio’s team focused on the development of Partner Engineering ticket flow following the module development algorythm, Improved general architecture of the system.


  • The Coverage project: increase of the presented airlines from 300 to ~450 (100 of them are integrated within 3.5 months of work)

  • The Business As Usual project: at least 100 of new partners have been integrated; at least 200 are successfully maintained.

  • The Automated Price Accuracy project: automation of accurate price comparison for the TOP-20 partners in the TOP-10 markets is provided.

  • The Car Hire project: at least 30 of new integrations.

  • The Hotels project: 5 new integrations in the general architecture.

  • Goal Sessions: Based on the results of the sessions, all the bottlenecks of the development processes have been revealed, and most of them have been corrected.