Integration Platform for Banking Systems


Integration of different banking systems for automatic information exchange between systems from different vendors and automation of operators' working places in the bank. The customer needed a robust and fast integration solution for the information flows of different internal banking systems from various vendors. The system needed to remain stable working under the payload with more than 3.5M information messages per day and needed to have flexible procedures for adding new subsystems or information flows redirection.

The following types of information flows needed to be supported:

  • synchronization of client rosters and accounts between banking systems

  • creation of automatic payment orders and to be able to send information about them in different banking subsystems

  • automatic execution of banking transactions

  • unified console for information flows management

  • The platform consisted of ESB configurations, job management subsystem and data warehouse.


The following solution was accepted by customer for realization:

  • The common integration needed to be designed as ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) configurations (for routing and to translate messages between payment participants) with the external interaction based on different kinds of the communication transports (SOAP, REST, JMS, email, file transports etc.);

  • The custom adapters needed to be used for integration with special commercial subsystems;

  • The unified web console had to be written to manipulate different information flows from one place.

The contractor’s team participated in the discussion of architecture design, and took part in the development and testing of the product. The team worked closely on the project with the customer’s staff. Together both teams were developed and tested software using the iterative software development methodology.


  • The main part of the project had various phases and continued for 5 months. The overall workload took over 6 man-years.

  • The contractor’s team successfully accomplished the development on time and within the budget.

  • At this point, a large number of information flows have been implemented. Partnership with the customer is still ongoing because new information flows still need to be implemented.