Master Data Management System


The Customer has a database that is filled in by its business units. There are no viewing or editing tools. The bank’s employees require a program tool that will allow them to view and edit information in the database (MDM) in a convenient way. Difficulties in interacting with the Customer and coordinating actions between the departments, the need for taking into account the bank’s security requirements.


At first, Artezio implemented a global project on transferring the Customer services and business units to a single technological platform.

Then Artezio engineers developed a user tool for working with customer data sheets and directories in the database. Using this tool (also known as Data Quality Stuart), the Customer got an opportunity to control the data quality in the directories and customer data sheets as well as to edit and correct input errors.

Developing this solution Artezio followed the Customer’s corporate approach to building information systems, starting from logic realization to architecture and delivery to commercial servers. The system is secure and fast.


Services and business units are united on a single technological platform. The interaction between the internal departments is simplified and the data storage and data exchange processes are enhanced.

The quality of the data in MDM has significantly improved.