Modular Clinical Trial Management

A modular software suite for clinical trials management with implemented medical imaging and IVR/IWR systems along with a set of tools for data collection and analysis


Appropriate CTMS software is vital for speedy and successful medical research. Such solutions provide effective data management, assist in the optimization and standardization of the entire clinical trial lifecycle. Researchers need a comprehensive and flexible solution that can be easily adjusted to the particular needs of every trial.


This project was conceived as a complex tool for clinical trial management that would go beyond the data management capabilities of a CTMS and would cover a number of needs of global trials at once. The engineering team approached the task using Agile product engineering; the SCRUM methodology and close collaboration with the customer ensured high-quality results.

Forward-thinking industry leaders demanded the integration of advanced features such as Medical Imaging and IVR/IWR functionalities directly into the clinical trials platform. Moreover, the solution needs to deal with constantly arising market challenges:

The possibility of using the solution simultaneously at different locations and by multiple organizations is essential to fit the modern requirements. Providing 24/7 ready web-based application service with unified high available data storage guarantees the availability of the service whenever it's needed and allows avoiding additional maintenance expenses.

The suite is a highly scalable three-tier application that optimizes the process of product development and commercialization and helps decrease time to market and extends the product lifecycle. The tool is designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, CROs, and associated service providers.

This solution conforms to the computer system validation best practices and 21 CFR part 11.

The Suite covers three focus areas:


The quality and efficiency of healthcare services significantly depend on the automation systems used. The list of tasks that can be more successfully processed includes patient appointment management, coordination of clinical trials in different regions of the world, management of pharmaceutical product procurement and distribution, etc. All of these tasks are quite delicate and require high-quality functionality, reliability, productivity, and scalability of such systems.

Artezio has successfully developed a highly flexible and adjustable modular solution that automates the key processes for organizations in the healthcare sector.







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