Payment System Development and Integration


The aim is to create an e-payment mobile services platform. The users are mobile phone subscribers, self-banked consumers with mobile access who should have the possibility to buy goods, make payments and send money, using just a mobile phone or device. The business users are various merchants and retailers who need have an opportunity to sell their services and accept cash online.

Artezio’s team faced the following challenges:

  • Different systems have different data structure, the challenge is to operate this data efficiently and to ensure correct data flows

  • The API needs to be client independent to provide the needed accessibility

  • The system has to be scalable to allow adding new vendors or services with time. The process of building a new connector should be simple and quick

  • It should be possible to change connectors without changing the platform

  • Client’s data has to be secure


We developed a high performance reliable platform core, payment gateway, more than 10 connectors to various systems, including client verification and creditworthiness determination systems. The developed system is:

  • Accessible and convenient. The system is accessible from virtually any wireless carrier or mobile device (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.), including tablets. It provides single interface for online payments, good range of services to choose from and accepts most currencies.

  • Interoperable and scalable. The system can be easily integrated with clients’ legacy POS systems (NFC and non-NFC enabled) and mobile offerings from various vendors. The new connectors can be easily built and connected.

  • Robust, fault-tolerant. Over eight billion users can work with the system simultaneously. The platform is cloud-based. The integration with payment systems and other systems is done through a separate application – this allows deploying the system without the need to reload the system core.

  • Secure. There is an integration with client verification and creditworthiness determination systems. The clients’ sensitive data is protected.


  • This cloud-based platform is seamlessly integrated with banking services, telecom, city services, loyalty programs, as well as solutions for financial and retail services.

  • Due to that, our client has a competitive edge and can provide a wide range of services to the users.

  • The users can make purchases and pay for the services from just one single platform on a mobile device. Due to applied technology stack, the system has low maintenance costs.